REVIEW: No One Left to Fight #3 makes us sad this comic has to eventually end

No One Left to Fight #3 is out now!

By Jarred A. Luján — No One Left to Fight #3 is out today, continuing a streak of excellence for one of the most fun comics being published today. This book really does fire on all cylinders, and while its rooted in nostalgic anime vibes, it also does so much to establish itself as its own unique and wonderful thing.

First and foremost, I cannot even imagine anyone walking into a comic shop, seeing this series’ covers, and not buying them on the spot. These covers have been gorgeous as they’ve come out, and they match the interior art to boot. I don’t dedicate a lot of time to covers in reviews, but I just have to say something here about how consistently awesome these covers are from issue to issue of No One Left to Fight.

The interior art is absolutely bonkers, too. For lack of a better way of phrasing it, Fico Ossio is a beast when it comes to the linework on these pages. The settings in the book are unique too, his page layouts are jaw dropping, and the fact that Fico pulls double duty on line art AND coloring (along with Raciel Avila) convinces me he is, in fact, practicing some kind of dark magic. Which if fine by me if it keeps resulting in comic book art that looks this good.

Simply put, the book is absolutely and consistently gorgeous to look at. Each of the action sequences are fluid, capturing an intensity unique to this comic, one that feels not unlike watching your first anime back in the day. Most importantly, however, is how Fico really handles the character’s emotions in the book. There’s plenty of action here, but make no mistake, so much of this book is about the complex relationships shared between the characters, including some serious trauma-esque affliction that Vale seems to suffer from. The care that Fice puts into illustrating feelings across faces are just such a great compliment to his more bombastic combat pages. As a result, I tend to typically read this book one time for the story and then a second time just to really take in how breathtaking these pages are.

Overall: Ultimately, there still feels like a lot to wrap up in the last two issues. Part of me is sincerely dreading the end because I don’t quite feel ready to leave this world just yet—so here’s hoping we get more No One Left to Fight. 8.0/10

No One Left to Fight #3
Aubrey Sitterson
Artist: Fico Ossio
Colorist: Fico Ossio with Raciel Avila
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99

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