REVIEW: The Weatherman #5 by Jody LeHeup, Nathan Fox, Dave Stewart, & Steve Wands

The Weatherman #5 is out 10/10.

By Bo Stewart — There’s not much I like more than a comic that gets better with each new issue. The Weatherman, for example, is a comic that knows exactly what it is, featuring a unique blend of dark comedy and sci-fi action that sets it apart from everything else on the shelf. In The Weatherman #5, the creators brought their A game once again, telling this story with a sheer confidence that’s evident on every page.

Over the course of these first five issues, writer Jody LeHeup and artist Nathan Fox have built a fully fleshed out world. The amount of thought that went into every character, vehicle, weapon and architectural design is almost mind-blowing. Let me lay it out like this: every single panel in this comic is a feast for the eyes. This is essentially a book that pushes current products and trends to their logical (and sometimes terrifying) extremes, without anything in it seeming out of place. Weatherman plays within the clear rules that it sets for itself. It’s a perfect example of how a world with real depth can seem more engaging than a world with more breadth. The creators have an intimate familiarity with this world, and they are clearly having a blast playing in it.

While the creators may be having fun making Weatherman, most of the characters in their story are definitely not enjoying themselves. This is a world that’s in deep deep pain. In this story, the Earth was destroyed and the humans now living on Mars are desperate for justice. If justice isn’t available, vengeance will have to suffice…even if it’s gratuitous or misplaced. Our main protagonist, Nathan Bright, is paying the steep price for all of mankind’s pain. I don’t want to spoil exactly what his punishment is here, but, trust me, it’s nightmare fuel. In short, the thematic territory LeHeup explores is challenging, and I admire how the book refuses to take a clear side. Like many of my favorite stories, Weatherman lets you make up your own mind.  

This is a dark and cynical take on the future, to be sure, but the creators leave plenty of room for fun. Riffing off the ridiculousness that is life-in-2018 (and the destructive path we seem so intent on staying on) seems to be the only way to cope with said ridiculousness. And no comic is doing this better than Weatherman.    

Overall: The Weatherman gets better with every issue. Its unique blend of dark comedy and sci-fi action make this a comic you simply cannot afford to miss. 9.5/10

Bo grinds for the man by day so he can create comics by night. He is the lesser half of the Stewart Brothers writing team and can be found on Twitter and Instagram @stewart_bros